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Creative storytelling through:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Music
  • Animation
  • Visual Effects
  • 3D Modeling
  • Graphics

WHY 520G?

When growing up in Connecticut, my family had an account at a local video rental store, and 520G was our ID number.  We watched so many movies on such a regular basis, that it became part of who we were.  We live and breathe movies.  We talk in movie quotes.  We reference characters as if they were real persons in our lives.

This love of cinema also factored into what I wanted to do in my professional career.  I am a professor at Quinnipiac University where I teach film production and interactive media, and I have my own production company for most consulting projects (www.GoldenMultimedia.com).

But 520G Films is separate and special.  This is where I get to tell stories and be creative just because I want to, as an expression of who I am.  These are stories that I simply want to see brought to life.

Thanks for stopping by.  🙂

- Kent Golden



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